Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mapping Offshore Markets Update 2005
By neoIT

The neoIT Offshore Attractiveness Index ranks offshore destinations according to financial benefit (labor cost and cost advantage), service maturity (competency of suppliers, industry size & growth, security/IP protection), people (labor pool & skill level, language proficiency, HR, educational system), infrastructure (ICT & physical infrastructure), and catalyst (government support, geopolitical environment, physical & time zone displacement, cultural compatibility).

Based on the study, the Philippines is ranked as a highly attractive destination in the BPO market, scoring high in the financial benefit and catalyst factors. Also, the country’s colonial past and strong cultural ties with the US foster a high rate of English proficiency and enable suppliers to better understand Western business processes – thereby becoming more effective service providers. Thus, there is high growth potential in the country’s leveraging its existing relationships with BPO players to get IT outsourcing deals as well as in penetrating English-speaking markets other than the US.

Majority of the suppliers in the Philippines are strong in ITO domains (CAD, application management and support); technology domains (multimedia and animation, web-based applications); and BPO functions (F&A, content management, sales/customer care, transaction processing, HR, transcription, and technical support).


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